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Single Door Hot Towel Cabinet for Australia
Our smallest Cabi

Hot Towel Cabinets - Compact, 11 litre, our best seller to Beauty Salons. (#CAPH007).
Price: $275.00 incl GST. Add to cart.
Large variety of Hot Towel Cabinets and Warmers for Australia. Image shows one door unit.
11 litre capacity.
Interior shelf can be removed.
Heats to 70 - 80° C.
Condensation drip tray.
Interior aluminium casing.
Plastic door with door seal.
Australian power rating - 240 volts, 60 Hz, 178 watts.
12 months warranty coverage.
External: 41 x 32 x 25.5 cm (L * W * H).
Internal: 33 x 23 x 14.5 cm (L * W * H).
Best results with Beauty Face Hot Towels.
These can be wet or dry.
Wring out the water if wet
before placing them in the unit.
Towels should not be dripping wet.
Take care when removing Hot Towels.

Hot Towel Cabi models - Other one door Cabinets for you to choose from.

11 litre Cabi - CAPH008.
Along with the CAPH007 Warmer, this Hot Towel Cabinet has been stocked since 2007.
The same size both inside and outside as the CAPH007 unit. However, this Warmer also has the added feature of a UV light which helps keep the Towels sanitised.
One tray inside.
Price: $365.00 (incl GST).

12 litre Hot Towel Cabinet - CAPR012.
A little bigger than the CAPH007 Warmer.
A recent addition, this Hot Cabi was introduced in 2013.
This Warmer has a metal back on the inside of the Cabinet instead of plastic.
2 trays inside.
Price: Sorry, Out of stock

18 litre Hot Cabi (opens top to bottom) - CAPR018A.
Same size as the CAPR018 on left but door of this Hot Cabi opens out from top to bottom.
Has a metal back on the inside of this Warmer instead of plastic.
Two trays inside to place the Towels in.
Price: Sorry, Out of stock.

These Hot Towel Cabinets are all new and come with a 12 months warranty.
Prices above incl GST. Delivery can be arranged for an additional charge anywhere in Australia.
Online payments accepted using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.
Cheque and Internet Banking are also catered for.
You can get more information on (02) 6162 1950 or via email.

* All Equipment can be inspected at our Canberra store.

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