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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where would you use a Hot Towel Warmer?

This equipment designed for use by Beauty Salon staff, Restaurants, Barbers, Spa treatments, Medical clinics and related establishments.

How do you use the unit?

Power it up and place pre moistened Towels on the removable basket / shelf inside. The Towels should be wet, rolled up and wrung out. Definitely not dripping with water. If your model has a UV function turn it on to assist in sanitising the Towels. Remove each Hot Towel as needed.

What's involved in maintenance?

Always keep the equipment clean - both inside and out.
At the end of each day remove any remaining Towels, empty and clean the drip tray, clean the unit and tray with sanitising spray and leave the door slightly open to aerate it. This assists in preventing mould build up.
Ensure the unit is empty overnight or when the unit is switched off for a period to prevent rust.
The unit should be switched off overnight.
Do not use the unit to heat up food or drink.

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