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Professional Hot Towel Cabinet range

This equipment has been purchased by a variety of Beauty businesses, Restaurants,

Barbers, Medical Clinics, Hairdressing

and Spas.

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DO's and DONT'S.
* DO

Place the Cabi in a position where it sits flat and is not likely to be knocked or bumped.

- Ensure that the trays are fully inside the Cabinet and close the door gently.

Wipe clean the Cabinet daily on working days, both inside and out.

- Remove any remaining Towels, empty and wash the inside of the Cabinet,
   including the Racks and rubber seals around the inside of the Door.

- Ensure everything is clean and wiped away (especially any essential oil).
- Clean the drip tray and wipe the outside of the unit.

- Disinfect the interior and exterior.

- Empty the Cabinet and leave the door partly open overnight to air and dry.


Use this equipment for any other purpose than what it is designed to do.

- For example, it should never be used to heat wax, oils, food or drink.

- If using essential Oils on Towels, then be frugal.
Don't use too much oil as it may cause cracking of the frame.

Warranties require that the Towel Cabi be cared for appropriately.

Troubleshooting issues.

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The units above and various other Beauty Salon machines are available for delivery Australia wide.

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